Falconry Books
The Last Wolf Hawker by Martin Hollinshead - published 2006, hardcover. The book invites the reader to another time and place to experience falconry that will leave the most accomplished eagle devotee awestruck. From vast wilderness forests to desolate arctic wilderness. This is the story of Frederich Remmler (1888-1972) the greatest Golden Eagle Falconer Europe has ever produced. Limited to 600 signed copies
Price: 30.00GBP (plus 3.00GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
Hawking Ground Quarry by Martin Hollinshead - first published 1993, hardcover
Gives a vivid account of hunting with goshawks, buteos and golden eagles. It picks up where beginner manuals leave off. With goshawk hunts through German forests and golden eagle flights across open flatlands, the author takes the reader on an exciting journey, exposing both the intricacies of the sport and giving the full thrill of the chase.
Price: 32.00GBP (plus 3.00GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
A Passion for Harris Hawks by Martin Hollinshead - published 2002, hardcover
This is a book to confront current thinking and to take the Harris' Hawk from that viewed by many as a mere beginner's hawk, it is crammed with observations and comparisons, personal experiences and hunting accounts. The author's description of this social raptor reveals his indepth understanding of the species. It has 16 pages of colour photos.
Price: 22.95GBP (plus 3.00GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
Harris' Hawk Days by Martin Hollinshead - published 2005, hardcover
This is the latest publishing, and covers the author's journey through the changes in his personal falconry quests - highlighting the changes. Discovering what the Harris' Hawk is truely capable of. It has 16 pages of stunning colour photographs - nearly all taken by the author himself.
Price: 16.95GBP (plus 3.00GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
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