Falconry Books
Falconry for beginners by Lee William Harris - published 1998, hardcover
Presses home the realities of pursuing Falconry as a sport.
Along with topics such as health, care, and diet
Price: 25.99GBP (plus 3.50GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
Training Birds of Prey by Jemima Parry - Jones - published 2001, paperback
This book is for the novice and experienced falconer alike.
Covers how to train, Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, Buzzards and Owls.
Price: 12.99GBP (plus 3.50GBP P&P in UK,& 12.00GBP overseas)
Understanding the Bird of Prey by Dr. Nick Fox - published 1995, paperback
A comprehensive writing on all aspects of birds of Prey.
Price: 43.50GBP (plus 6.50GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
The Encyclopedia of Falconry by Adrian Walker - published 1999, hardcover
This book covers topics such as Falconry terms, numerous photographs, old antique prints.
Also in-house Falconry terms and tools. Again all aspects of the sport are covered in this book.
Price: 27.95.50GBP (plus 6.50GBP P&P in UK,& 15.00GBP overseas)
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