Supplements and Disinfectant
General multivitamin and mineral supplement. At Falconiformes Uk this is the only one we use for all our adult breeding and hunting birds.
Price: Now 5.50GBP, was 6.99GBP
Nutrobal - Calcium and D3 Supplement
High potency Calcium balancer and multivitamin.
At Falconiformes Uk we use this product to ensure maximum bone/skeletal development of all our young chicks and eyas birds.
Price: 6.99GBP
Amprotect - Hand Rinse
At Falconiformes Uk we use this product to ensure cleanliness before handling eggs to check their development.
500ml bottle comes with hand pump fitted.
Price: 13.75GBP
Virkon S Disinfectant
The ultimate broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant.
Effective against salmonella, e-coli 0157, and campylobacter.
50g sachet.
(P&P rates : All 2.00GBP in UK, 5.00 Overseas, Amprotect 3.00GBP)
Price: 2.85GBP
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