Jesses & Aylmeri
Revolutionary Braided Mews Jesses
Hand stitched, and made from polyester braid. Rotate freely in the eyelet, and are more rigid than traditional leather Jesses. Thus, drastically reduce the risk of "Tangle". They have far greater strength, and durability than leather jesses, and are practically "Rot free". No more greasing with these babies !
Colours available: Purple braid with yellow flecking.

NB These are bespoke Jesses and are made to order.
When ordering please state the length of Jess required from the back of the knot to the start of the loop. These are suitable for Medium to Large Hawks/Falcons
Price: 12.99GBP per pair *
Bullet Jesses
The "Original Bullet Jess system" developed by Jim Coughlin
These Jesses come in 3 different sizes.
Please state the eyelet size you require the Bullet Jesses for when ordering.
Colours available: black.
Price: 22.00GBP per pair plus P&P of 2.00GBP per pair in UK, & 5.00GBP overseas
Traditional Leather Mews Jesses. Flying Jesses, and Aylmeri
Made from top quality Kangaroo skin. Sorry for the price increase, but Roo skin has soared
in price in excess of 1.0mm thickness. Please state what species of bird they are for when ordering.Note: no space for the text!
Mews Jesses - Price: 5.50GBP per pair *
Flying Jesses - Price: 4.00GBP per pair *
Aylmeri & Mews Jess sets - Price: 9.00GBP per pair *
* All plus 1.25GBP per pair P&P in the UK, and 4.50GBP per pair for overseas
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