Falconry Tools
Falconers' Multi Tools (including Penknives)
2 multi tools - one large, one small. Also large and small Penknives.
Everything you require here - including scissors, LED torches on the multi tools. saws. bottle opener, file, etc. Too much to mention. Superb quality. All stainless steel contruction, a superb price.
(plus 3.50GBP P&P in UK, 9.00GBP overseas)
Price: 19.99GBP
10 piece coping needle file set
These are all you will ever need to carry out any beak coping duties. They come with either wooden or soft plastic handles.The colour of the plastic handles may vary.
Price: 6.99GBP
12 Volt Car Dryer
Carrying one of these can be "God send". If/when a bird gets wet during the winter months
whilst out hunting carrying/using one of these can be a matter of life and death. Once you have manned your bird to one of these you will not be without one. Even if its just to get extra flights in during wet days once you have dried your bird out. A "must" piece of kit !
(plus 6.00GBP P&P in UK, 9.00GBP overseas)
Price: 17.99GBP
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