Scales, Baths and Imprint Tanks
Digital Weighing Scales - weighing to 5kg(11lb) MAX
The weighing scales has a large 5.5"(14cm) astoturf topped perch area. Glass platform base for easy cleaning. Superb Stability. Approximately 9"(23cm) vertical tail clearance, from top of perch to bottom of the scales. Read out: pounds and ounces, kg, grams or ounces.
Capacity: 5kg/11lb
Diversion: 1g/1g/0.05oz
High precision strain gauge sensor
ZERO & TARE at any weight
Overload indication
Battery Powered: 1 x 9volt PP3 battery required.
Price: 55.50GBP (plus 9.00GBP P&P in the UK, 15.00GBP Overseas)
Superbly made, and of an all fibreglass construction, all green in colour.
Available in 3 sizes
(plus 13.00GBP P&P in the UK, 15.00GBP Overseas)
Small (20"diameter) - Price: 25.00GBP
Medium (27" diameter) - Price: 27.00GBP
Large (32" diameter) - Price: 32.00GBP
Imprint Tanks
Superbly made, of a Macrilon and Polypropylene construction, all position viewing for the chick or bird being imprinted. Easily cleaned and dismantled for storage. Special sizes available upon request.
Price: Standard size 70.00GBP (plus 12.00GBP P&P in the UK, contact for Overseas)
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